Lashley + Associates Corporation is an award-winning, Ottawa-based firm, with over 35 years of experience in providing landscape architecture, site planning and site engineering services in the public and private sector. In 2016, the firm expanded by opening a Montréal office to serve the Quebec market. The knowledge and insight of the firm’s Principal Landscape Architect, David Lashley, is exhibited by almost 4 decades of practice, diversified projects, numerous clients, and sincere personal enjoyment for both the profession and practice of landscape architecture. To date, David and Lashley + Associates have completed over 900 projects in residential, commercial, institutional, urban design, parks, recreation, industrial, transportation and tourism. Our passion for landscape architecture shines through all of our staff and associates. Evidence of our exemplary design services and award winning projects are demonstrated in our Project Profiles.




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“I love life; my family and all my seven kids; love being a landscape architect and a hockey goalie. What more could I ask from life? I have a broad range of interests that drives everyone in my family wild because I’m always doing something; helping my kids with school, piano practices, and skating, hockey, skiing at Calabogie and Jay Peak, camping, walking in Europe, Christmas, fly fishing in NY, climbing in the Adirondacks, travelling to Newfoundland and to BC to visit family, off-roading my Land Rover, canoeing in Algonquin, watching live football, the odd beer, good wine, great food keep me busy after hours, and working with a terrific staff at our office studio on a wide range of interesting projects keeps me more than busy”.

Growing up on an Ottawa Valley farm, in a small town coupled with extensive travel and camping in Eastern Canada and the United States, generated Dave’s interest in the different natural and cultural landscapes of North America. Dave believes that understanding the intertwined relationships of people and nature is key to the design of various landscapes that address people’s needs while respecting the need to protect natural systems and create a truly sustainable world environment. As a high school student he thought he would be an architect because he loved to draw and build things, but his love of being in natural settings continued to lead him to look for something else. One day in his guidance office, flipping through university courses, he noticed the term “landscape architecture”. “I had no idea what the profession was, but it seemed to be the right fit”, says Dave. After a couple of years at university and some real “soul searching”, Dave realized that the profession really did fit him.

Dave notes that he was lucky in his early career to work with Provincial Parks in both Alberta and Prince Edward Island developing a clear understanding of human influence on nature and a sustainable design philosophy. His PEI experience allowed him to broaden his knowledge of design to include architecture, engineering, and landscape architecture while he was the Supervisor of Design for Parks and Tourism. “Entering the world of private practice in an urban environment in Charlottetown and then Ottawa proved to be exciting as the range of projects ensured that I would never have a dull day at the office”, says Dave. In November 1986, the decision to start Lashley + Associates was an exciting period for Dave. Despite a number of recession periods and personal challenges over the past quarter century, Dave has enjoyed building this firm into one of Eastern Ontario’s premier LA practices. “Today, the firm is both experienced and youthful with an exciting future in landscape architecture”, says Dave. “Thank you to my family, friends, staff, colleagues and competitors who have helped shape me, and my practice as a landscape architect”.




James (Jim) Clark has over 40 years experience as a Landscape Architect and Urban Designer in the public and private sector. He brings to the firm his recognized and lauded expertise from his extensive experience working with agencies such as the National Capital Commission and Parks Canada. Jim takes pride in continually pushing the envelope for green practices in landscape architecture. He is always on the cutting edge of design and enjoys traveling throughout North America to various urban hubs exhibiting excellence in design. Some of his most notable work with Lashley + Associates has included the Millennium Forest Concepts for the National Arboretum at the Central Experimental Farm, Sparks Street Mall Phase 1 Accessibility and Smyth Road Subdivision Design among many others.



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Ryan holds a master’s in Landscape Architecture (MLA) from the University of Guelph and an undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto. Landscape architecture was a natural extension from an architectural background, blending his love of the outdoors with a sense of design & construction pragmatism.

On top of being a Landscape Architect, Ryan is also an ISA Certified Arborist. He has conducted tree inventories and health assessments across Ontario. Ryan has experience in a wide variety of projects including development based assessments and reports, private inventories, health assessments and tree resource valuation. Ryan also sat on the Board of Trustees for the Canadian TREE Fund from 2013 to 2019 – a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of Arboricultural knowledge through scientific research.

Ryan grew up in Southwestern Ontario in a rural setting and a love of the outdoors has continued throughout his life. He can often be found prowling streamsides or field edges for that next great catch.



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Sophie holds a Bachelor degree in Forestry (BScF) and over 25 years’ experience in the fields of Forestry, Golf Courses, and Landscape Architecture. As the Landscape Supervisor for several large golf courses in China, Sophie worked with clients, managers and workers to guide landscape construction. Being familiar with managing large landscapes, she also worked on the design of residential master plans and golf course projects for a major design consulting firm in ShenZhen, China.

Over the past 14 years in Canada, Sophie has been employed by large multidisciplinary design firms. She has expertise in commercial and residential  landscapes, plant ecology and site supervision. She under takes site analyses, responds to planning and regulatory requirements, and prepares drawing packages for construction.



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Kathy received her Bachelor of Science in Landscape Design and Ecosystem Management and a Diploma in Agriculture Engineering from the American University of Beirut (AUB) in 2013. In order to advance in her career as a landscape architect, she decided to pursue the LEED certification in 2015 which helped her design in a sustainable way.

She has 5 years of experience in projects, notably commercial, residential, and leisure. Her skills include sustainable design of public parks, urban design, streetscape , building entrances, and university campuses.



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Daniel has 30 years of commercial and residential construction experience, including supervision of landscape construction. He brings diverse work experience to the daily demands of his job. Part of Daniel’s experience also includes redeveloping the streetscape, as well as realigning the technical infrastructure.

Daniel works with other employees to review the contractor’s work and provide advice to the project manager and client. Daniel’s knowledge of the codes, processes and standards used by governments, federal, provincial and municipal make him an excellent candidate for site supervision.



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Navid is an experienced Architect and Landscape Architectural Designer. Throughout his career he has been involved in a wide range of design and construction commissions including residential, commercial, and educational projects. His collaboration with other technical disciplines such as architecture, engineering and construction for large-scale landscape and urban design projects allows him to use his creativity and knowledge to develop unique landscape designs. Navid’s favorite pastime has always been the enjoyment of nature’s forests. He loves camping and sketching. He has spent his career combining his passions, allowing him to contribute to the built and natural environment in a positive way.



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Marziyeh is an experienced architect and designer, having drafted and developed projects for various architectural firms. Over the course of her professional practice, she has been involved in a wide range of residential, commercial, and recreational design projects.

As a landscape architectural designer, her goal is to integrate her diverse experiences in order to create healthier environments that encourage social interactions while helping people to connect to nature in an urban setting.

In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, with a curiosity for discovering new locations and cultures.  During her travels, she enjoys sketching her experiences, conserving those memories to later be applied as part of her architectural practice.



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Corrina holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Guelph .Corrina studied in the Netherlands, and travelled around Europe, exploring a variety of design styles and techniques. Another explorative design opportunity was a trip to NYC where she met with firms and explored new and old projects throughout the city.She has worked in Ottawa on a variety of commercial, recreational, and residential projects. In 2019, she was involved in the tender process, supervision of construction, and attending client meetings for the City of Ottawa. Corrina cultivated an interest in the outdoors and art at a young age, being involved in camping, scouts, art camps and classes. Drawing from those interests, she converges her artistic skills with her love of the outdoors to inform her design, with a focus on improving and uniting communities through her work.



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Sneha holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture and Master’s in Landscape Architecture from the Anna University, in Chennai, India.  Having lived in India and Dubai, Sneha brings in her experience, knowledge and skills set from those two parts of the world. She is dedicated and passionate about landscape architecture, loves nature, is a keen observer and an undying spirit to create spaces that breathe life.Her areas of interest and expertise include streetscapes, residential landscape designs, roof top gardens, beach fronts and play areas.




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Stephen holds a Masters of Landscape Architecture from Temple University and a Bachelor of Science degree in Horticulture from NC State University. He has been an Adjunct Professor of Landscape Architecture for several years at Temple University (Community Planning and Urban Design) and the University of Delaware (Ecological Planting Design). Stephen brings professional experiences from a wide variety of project types and scales allowing him to work with a diverse set of clients. His passion for Landscape Architecture and Horticulture lies at the intersection of cultural and ecological sustainability. Stephen is drawn to larger scale topics in planning, ecology, and sustainability, as well as tactile and textural details of a site’s design.




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Natalia is an architect and urban designer with a bachelor’s in architectural design from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. She has participated in an Academic Exchange at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in Uruguay. She also attended the UniRitter-Laureate International Universities in Brazil where she joined the Urban Study of the City of Porto Alegre Workshop. Natalia is passionate about design that responds to special human needs and about special perception influence on communities’ collective experiences.

She joined Lashley + Associates in 2022 bringing her focus on improving the use and perception of outdoor spaces, how they are composed and how they can be flexible enough for timeless function.



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Rebecca obtained her Architectural Technologist diploma from Loyalist College and while working in architecture earned her diploma as a Horticultural Technician from Algonquin College. She has worked in the Ottawa area since 2004 advancing her design skills in architecture, landscape, and interiors. She is experienced in working with a wide range of consultants and experts to complete a project, with particular attention to construction sensibility.

Rebecca believes in the concept of functional design that compliments the existing surrounding architecture and spaces which creates an immersive experience and a background palette for life. Rebecca enjoys working with clients on distinctive puzzles (figuratively and literally) to realize a unique environment.




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JoAnne has a nursing background since 1989 and  continues to dedicate most of her life in providing care to the elderly population.

She also joined Lashley + Associates in 2018 bringing  many years of experience in administration and in  human resources management. JoAnne also ensures the health and  safety of all staff members at Lashley + Associates.