In October 2013, Lashley + Associates put together 3 submissions for the Ottawa Urban Design Awards. Projects submitted to the awards are to exhibit urban design excellence. We are pleased with the positive responses from our submission, and look forward to participating in the competition again in 2015.
The company submitted the Environment Canada Courtyard for Public Places and Civic Spaces category. This project features a small, highly visible interior courtyard. Low maintenance plantings are accented by tall bamboo screens, which filter views. A dark limestone walkway contrasts with the uniform concrete pavement at the center of the courtyard. The concept provides stimuli for users through garden sounds, sights, smells, touch, and interaction.

Under the Visions and Masterplans category, the Sparks Street Concept was submitted. This project involved a concept design focusing on creating a new vibrant, contemporary oasis for Sparks Street, with a strong identity as a linear urban park and historic cultural district.

Canadian Union of Public Employees new Ottawa Office design was also submitted under the Urban Infill – Low Rise category. This project exemplifies how architectural and landscape architectural disciplines can successfully work together to create lively, industrial urban sites. The design features generous native planting in colourful blocks. The use of clean lines and simple, urban materials helps create clarity and functionality in the outdoor space.